Q: How much does this cost?

A: Pricing depends on the population of the community. Prices start as low as $95/month.

Q: Do you actually give exclusivity to one Real Estate Professional? I’ve heard this before and it wasn’t true.

A: Yes, we give 100% exclusivity to 1 Real Estate Professional per neighborhood site and you'll always be able to confirm.

Q: Why can’t I just build a community website on my own?

A: You totally could. But it would cost you 10X what we charge and more importantly it would take 100X more of your time to find and wait for someone to build it. Once the basic platform is built,  you would have to hire someone to keep it up to date, or you would have to spend hours every week yourself to find local content to post on it.

Once you have content on the site every week, you would need to spend money to get people to go to it. (See FAQ # 5 to read how we know this).

You are a Real Estate Professional, you need to be serving your clients and building new relationships, not making sure your neighborhood website is running. Leave that to us!

Q: How do you keep each site up-to-date?

A: We have built algorithms that scan the internet for news, events, and content in each neighborhood. It organizes, categorizes and updates each site every day with this local content.

Q: How do people know about the MyTown.ly Neighborhood Websites?

A: Many ways!

1. The local business owners have multiple reasons to promote your Neighborhood site for you!

– Once they have been interviewed, they share their interview on their social media pages which generate hundreds if not thousands of unique visitors who want to read about their favorite local business owner.

– The local business owners put up window stickers that say “Thank you for shopping local! Powered by MyTown.ly”. (We send you these)

2. SEO of each site gets greater over time so when people search for something in the neighborhood whether its a local business or real estate listings, your neighborhood site will show up!

3. The team at the MyTown.ly HQ uses social media, press releases, email marketing, and more to help MyTown.ly become a household name.

4. Each neighborhood Realtor - The bigger our network gets, the more cities we get into, the more people know about MyTown.ly which drives more awareness to everneighborhood site.

Q: Why was MyTown.ly started?

A: Well, here is our story..and this is how we know how much it costs to build a site on your own.

MyTown.ly was not supposed to be a business at first. It was just an idea that one Real Estate Professional named Adam Yera had 3 years ago to get new clients in a neighborhood he wanted to farm. Being in a relationship based business, Adam wanted a tool that would help them go around and meet people in their new community. So he decided to build a neighborhood website to give the local businesses free advertising. This gave them a reason to go around and get to know the business owners by offering them something of value first.

With that first website, it ended up costing much more than planned and took way longer than promised. Over $25K and over 7 months to be exact. And this was just for a pretty basic site with a few features he wanted. But it worked for him. He started building tons of local relationship and his neighborhood site was getting thousands of hits, businesses were getting reviews and returning customers and they were getting referrals.

Then, another local realtor contacted him and asked if she could advertise on their neighborhood site. *Light bulb* They realized that Real Estate Professionals all over had the same need as they did. So from there, they built another neighborhood site…then another site for another Real Estate Professional..and then another...

Because MyTown.ly was started from a real need, Adam and his team continue to listen to their clients and are always improving the neighborhood sites for Real Estate Professionals.

Now Real Estate Professionals think of MyTown.ly as the tech team building them the ultimate neighborhood site they always wanted without them having to lift a finger.