Hi, We're MyTown.ly

We're a team of creatives committed to helping communities get connected and stay updated with what they want to know about.

Launched first community
Facebook page — 2014

MyTown.ly first started as a one community
Facebook page originally called
Live Love Spring Branch.

We changed the name to
My Spring Branch

After a few years and about 500 page
likes, we decided to change the name
to something a little shorter, and
My Spring Branch was born.

Launched brand new 
My Spring Branch Website

Once the thirst for local content was
proven we went to work building
out a website platform that was
exactly what we needed.

Integrated Real Estate
property listings

One thing people always wanted more of
was local Real Estate information on
communities and the listings, so we
went to work on our first guides.

Rebranded as MyTown.ly to
serve more communities

After just a few short months of crazy
organic growth, and requests to
create "one for our area!",
MyTown.ly was born.

We're always looking for talent

Are you a creative and enjoy photography, videography and/or journalism on a local level? Let's chat.

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